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"I had deep frown lines and it was an insecurity of mine. I have been so impressed with the results of my Botox and now see this as a regular part of my beauty maintenance. I highly recommend Kate"


I was particularly nervous about getting any treatments done, but Kate made me feel very at ease and confident in her professional ability. I have now been back for two Profhilo treatments and the results are fantastic! Thanks Kate


I recently had a series of 3 chemical peels with Kate, I was initially a bit scared of what to expect with regards to any pain during the treatmet, what my skin would look like after and how to best look after my skin post treatment.

Kate was amazing and reassured me right away by talking through the procedure step by step and gave me a ‘spicy level 1-10’ to grade how the peel felt on my face and kept checking in with me throughout (it never got above a 5) which was great, it wasn’t painful as I had first thought and in fact it was a nice tingle and relaxing lie down for 10 mins which as a mum is a rarity.

Kate was so professional and caring in how she approaches her work and instantly put me at ease with her extensive knowledge and recommendations of products and skin care. My skin is much smoother and fresher after the 3 peels and I am looking to book more treatments in the future. Thank you Kate!


I have been to see Kate a few times now and I am always reassured by her professionalism and medical knowledge. I have recently had the skin booster (Profhilo) and the results have been incredible. I can confidently be make up free everyday. Highly recommend, especially if you have an event or wedding coming up.


It's been just under a week since I had the Botox on 3 key places on my face. I was impressed with Kate and her professional service. I love the results. It is a fast, effective, pain free process which I highly recommend. My lines were prominent beforehand but this treatment has made them vanish overnight and restored my overall confidence.

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